Honey Chocolates

Honey Chocolates

Explore our range of carefully crafted chocolate infused with raw honey and bee pollen.

Raw Honey FAQs

My Honey is crystalized? Is this okay?

Pure honey has a natural tendency to crystallise over time with no effect on the quality of your honey. The main impact is on the colour and texture, it should not compromise the taste. For more information, please read this article:

Why Does My Honey Crystalize?

Does honey go off?

In many ways, honey does not ‘expire’. However, to comply with legislation we do have to put a “best before” date on our labels. Please refer to this article for full details:

Does Honey Go Off?

What's New

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The Story Behind Honey Tradition

Our story

Hello we’re Sarah and Marek.

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We’d love to tell you more about our journey. Take a look here to see how Honey Tradition began…

Honey Tradition Bee Farms in Slovakia

The bees

We love our bees, they’re part of the family! Our farming practices ensure that our bees have more than enough bee pollen and honey available to thrive in the hive.

After all happy bees = happy beekeepers = happy customers!