A high viscosity, full bodied raw honey with an intense woody flavour.

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A full-bodied, intense honey from spectacular droplets of honeydew formed in deep woodlands. It has distinct aromas of its forest home and a textured palate.

Enjoy yours with

Strong cheese, yogurt and in vinaigrettes.

Nutritional information

This honey is richer in minerals than your typical floral honey. It boasts up to 10x as much calcium, iron, cobalt, zinc and antioxidants.

Health benefits

It contains complex sugars that have proven to be beneficial for probiotic production.

Our promise

We harvest our Honeydew Honey ethically and consciously from colonies of happy bees that our family has been nurturing for over four generations. Our is unprocessed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Weight: 500g

Storage: Store in a dark, cool dry place. For ‘best before end’ see label.




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Customer Questions About Raw Honey

  • Is all honey the same?
    Answered by Marek: Every honey is different because bees choose flowers they like most or those which are the closest. To be able to have Honeydew honey for example, we move the beehives into forests where it's easiest for the bees to harvest the honeydew. We provide the honey as it is and as the bees produced it. That's why our Honeydew honey has a woody aroma!
  • Do you use a sugar substitute when taking the honey out of your hives?
    Answered by Marek: Besides feeding, bees use the honey as a temperature stabiliser. Hence most of the frames with brood have honey surrounding the brood to protect it from temperature drops at nights. We obviously can't take brood frames out and we also keep at least one frame with honey each side of the brood frames. That way brood is protected and our bees have more than enough honey for their own needs.

Raw Honey Top Tips

Tip 1: To preserve the enzymes of our raw, natural Honey in cooking keep it below 45 degrees Celsius.

Tip 2: Crystallisation is a natural process honey and it does not affect the quality. Simply heat the jar in Bain Marie, stir and repeat 2-3 times.

Tip 3: Always try to use a dry spoon in honey, it reduces the speed at which crystallisation occurs.


The Story Behind Honey Tradition

Our story

Hello we’re Sarah and Marek.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We’re buzzing!

We’d love to tell you more about our journey. Take a look here to see how Honey Tradition began…

Honey Tradition Bee Farms in Slovakia

The bees

We love our bees, they’re part of the family! Our farming practices ensure that our bees have more than enough bee pollen and honey available to thrive in the hive.

After all happy bees = happy beekeepers = happy customers!

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