A natural source of plant based nutrients gathered by bees in happy colonies.

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Our raw bee pollen is stored by young bees in honeycomb. It’s pure, natural, unprocessed and completely unspoiled. Earthy and floral in flavour that adapts with the seasons, depending on the wide array of flowers that our bees visit. 

Enjoy yours with

Hearty porridge oats, salads and melted chocolate. It also works excellently in smoothies and shakes.

Health benefits

Bee pollen is believed by many to reduce inflammation, support a healthy liver and strengthen the immune system.

Our promise

We harvest our bee pollen ethically and consciously from colonies of happy bees that our family has been nurturing for over four generations. It’s unprocessed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Weight: 270g

Storage: Store in a dark, cool dry place. For ‘best before end’ see label.

Allergens: Not suitable for pregnant women, infants under 12 months and those with a pollen allergy.

Suitable for vegetarians.


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Customer Questions About Bee Pollen

  • How much bee pollen should you consume?
    Answered by Sarah: Start with a small amount, I'd recommend half a teaspoon daily. This can then be increased to up to a tablespoon daily. Please make sure you consult a medical professional before consuming bee pollen. It is not suitable for those with a pollen allergy, pregnant or for infants under 12 months old.
  • Is bee pollen good for skin?
    Answered by Marek: Bee pollen is considered by many scientists a complete source of nutrition, which is needed by our bodies for cell growth, including the skin cells. The content of nucleic acids in bee pollen is said to make it a great support for healing and rejuvenating the skin.

Bee Pollen Top Tips

Tip 1: Freezing bee pollen is okay and it’s great in frozen yoghurt or ice-cream recipes.

Tip 2: The granules dissolve in solubles, so it’s a great nutritious addition to smoothies.

Tip 3: To preserve the nutritional profile of bee pollen, do not heat if over 45 degrees Celsius.

The Story Behind Honey Tradition

Our story

Hello we’re Sarah and Marek.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We’re buzzing!

We’d love to tell you more about our journey. Take a look here to see how Honey Tradition began…

Honey Tradition Bee Farms in Slovakia

The bees

We love our bees, they’re part of the family! Our farming practices ensure that our bees have more than enough bee pollen and honey available to thrive in the hive.

After all happy bees = happy beekeepers = happy customers!

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